Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Everybody Poops

Except me. At least not lately. Chemo has put a crimp in my crap. Before chemo, and after surgery, I had no problem in that area. In fact, I lost 10 pounds just by pooping away [what must have been years of] stored-up poop.

But since my first chemo treatment on Friday, June 1, I've been "bound up" as we say in the South. Even though I'm actually saying it in the Midwest because I live in Chicago . . .well Berwyn, now. Strangely, people here don't seem to understand what that means. So they give me a quizzical look when I sit down slowly, lowering myself into the chair holding on to both arms, and explain, "Sorry, I'm a little bound up."

Dr. Stool would tell me I've been having Pebble Poo, hard pebbles of poo that are a result of too little fiber. But that's impossible. I've been eating like an elephant lately. Sticks and leaves and drinking trunks full of water. I've been eating Meatamucil cookies and fruit and salads and taking stool softners I got after my surgery. But nothing, nothing is happening.

Well, poo!

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