Monday, September 17, 2007

Off to Berlin

where I plan to eat boiled potatoes and Bratwurst (or Knackwurst: knock on noggin) and drink a couple of hausbiers (as Audrey instructed). And maybe they have something sweet that will taste good. I don't know nuthin' about Germany. (Though I've heard of Hitler and the trouble he caused.) So this will be an adventure.

I'm pretty much packed. Just need to gather what I want to take on the plane to read and eat. I'm sure I've packed too much stuff, but how do you know until you get there? Can't buy much because the dollar is 1.40 to their 1.00 (Euro) [or is the other way around.] Whatever. It's pitiful. Thanks Georgie for all you've done for our country.

I don't know whether I can post some photos from there. If I can, I will. Bob's taking his computer (of course; though he did talk of not taking it; Right, I thought). So if I can download photos, perhaps I can post a few.

I get to skip a chemo treatment. Hurray! I'll feel good for an extra week. I feel pretty good right now. Hurray!

Gespräch zu dir später (talk to you later).

Auf Wiedersehen


Anonymous said...


Audrey Novak Riley said...

Eat the fried ones too, liebchen. Mm mm mm, kartoffelen!

-- Audrey

Terri Mork Speirs said...

Terri, I wish you a wonderful trip. "Our feet our stained." That's what 6 years of Deutsch gets you. Love, T

Anonymous said...

Hey Terri,

Glad you all are getting to go on this trip, and I hope you have bunches of fun and get to enjoy all the different foods! I was out last week, so am just now catching up on your blog, and am glad you get an extra week off your treatments too! The blog you mentioned getting some valium, and mentioned a Janet from your office, was that me? Sounds like something I might tell you! Keep on writing your blog and adding picts when you can. Alot of us from Com dept love being able to keep up with our dear friend! Keeping you in our prayers too! love, Janet S.

Terri said...

Terri, Our feet are stained? Oh, I get it.

Janet S., yes that was you. Thank you.