Saturday, July 7, 2007

Proof Positive

I have always had a Cowgirl Attitude:

That's me in the middle at my fifth birthday party,
bloody-nose Patty on the left, and best friend
Melody on the right (in my every day clothes).
These were my only two friends, and the only
people I invited to my party. You don't get many
gifts that way, but you don't have to give many

More proof:

Bob and me

And even more proof!

Cowgirl and Indians

(I don't have nearly so much hair now; it's
shrinking, but I haven't gone bald, just cutting it
off more and case.)
See me and friends from work below.

From left: Beth, Kate, Kris, me, Deb
at the company picnic.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cowgirl,
Thank you. I love your attitude and talent for saying things that I haven't been able to articulate. I have stage II colon cancer (or do I after resection?), grew up in Maywood, raised Catholic. So please continue to chronicle your journey.

Terri said...

Yes, I wonder too. Do I still have cancer. It was in a couple of the nodes, so maybe so.
Thanks or our comments, Maywood Catholic. And good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

The birthday photo is precious!!! Be sure and send Patty (Pam's sister) and Melody (Joy's sister) a copy of this via email if you haven't already done so.