Thursday, July 19, 2007

Heading out

Bob and I are headed out for a road trip this weekend. First to Milwaukee, Wisc., where I've booked us a hotel at the Knickerbocker, then to Madison, Wisc., where we have a cool room at the Hotel Ruby Marie Bed and Breakfast, then on to Galena, Ill., where we have just a regular old Ramada room. But it looks OK and has a hot tub.

Now, I don't know if the first two rooms are really going to be any good. But we'll see. I don't have a great history of vacation-planning. Like line-standing. I'm always in the worst line at the grocery store (or the Target). It doesn't matter if I'm standing in the longest line, then see the shortest line and move. The shortest line always has a shopper that has 1) forgotten an item after the ringer upper has encoded half his/her products or 2) needs a price check. So I've just given up. And stayed in the line I was in. No matter how long it is. Do NOT follow me when I get in a line.

This driving excursion should be a nice break for us. I've felt a little puny this week, but today I am much better (so far). I've had to go to my car twice this week to take a nap because I was feeling very tired and ill. And yesterday, even after a nap in my car, I took a nap when I got home. So far, no gym this week. And that just ignites my guilt (for reasons I don't fully understand). My wise friend Kate says "Guilt is fruitless. Listen to your body." She's right, I'm sure. So I will.

We're going to buy some cheese in Wisconsin. We're not sure where, yet. (If you have suggestions, put it in the comments.) There was an article in the Tribune (or was it Chicago magazine) recently that named the best places to buy cheese in Wisconsin. Bob cut it out, but we can't find it. Cheese is probably not what I need, with this bound-up side effect of chemo. So, in this case, I don't plan to listen to my body.

In fact, cheese has been my staple lately. Cheese crackers, macaroni and cheese, cheese-flavored nachos. Can you tell I'm eating well? Lordy. I need some turnip greens and okra. Some fried green tomatoes and cream corn. Some real green beans and potatoes.

Comfort food for a cowgirl.


Jeanne Carpenter said...

If you're going to buy cheese in Wisconsin and you'll be in Milwaukee, a great place to go is Larry's Market in Brown Deer - they have an awesome selection of Wisconsin artisan cheeses and the owners are very commmitted to working with cheesemakers. If you're up for a road trip, you might want to visit my Wisconsin cheese blog at: to get info about Wisconsin artisan cheesemakers. Good luck! Jeanne Carpenter

Terri said...

Thanks Jeanne!

Anonymous said...

You'll find lots of good potatoes in Wisconsin, as well as the good cheese & (equally important if not more so) good beer. And you've got a gorgeous weekend for your road trip.

Have fun!

your fancy-pants poo-talk challenged pal,

Anonymous said...

Come to Nashville,I'll "fix" you
some good.....turnip greens with
all the fixins