Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A poo coup

Or a better title: Vanity of vanities, a narcissistic sin.

OK, so I put a site meter on my blog to see how many visits I get. It's a horrible vanity. I just want to know if people are reading my blog. There are a few, some people I don't know, but mostly relatives and friends. I see only locations, no names.

But I guffawed (and so did Bob) when I saw that one person who had visited got to my blog by doing a Google search. And guess what she (or he) was searching for? "Hard pebbles stool." I just love it, my blog came out on top of that search. (However, it is no longer on top.) Still, is that not truly a poo coup? That was my biggest excitement of yesterday. I am the poo blog. Perhaps I should change the name of my blog. Of course, the person didn't stay very long when they found out I knew absolutely nothing about "hard pebbles stools," but if they had read down a little further (or is it farther) on my blog, they would have found my favorite book on the subject.

Another person got to my blog by searching for "cowgirl bars." Now, I love cowgirl bars, and in fact, have always wanted to start one, but it would have to be for early drinkers. 'Cause I can't stay up much past 10. 10:30 at the latest. Or it could be a morning bar, for really early drinkers.

I know of a good cowgirl bar if you're anywhere near Santa Fe. It's a restaurant too. The Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Very cool. Lots of different beers and sweet potato french (or cowgirl) fries.

Maybe they have buffalo pebbles.


Anonymous said...

Terri, Fr.Bob visited me last week (brought communion and conversation) and told me about your blog. I just read through it, and wanted to let you know that as serious as your situation is, I smiled many times while reading. And yes, when I see you at church and ask how you are, I do want to know!
I'm recouperating well I've been told; I'm just impatient to return to "normal", as I'm sure you are. I have my pity-party moments, but for the most part I realize how lucky I am for what medical science and my surgeons can do. You're in my prayers. Chris DiBartelo PS-Thanks for the card!

Anonymous said...

To me, you are the other Terri. Terri Speirs is the first. I am JeansUpdates dealing with breast cancer. I guess you can say your poop to my boob. I have not had the same symtoms that you have had, different chemo, different cancer... but I also have not been angry with God. From what people tell me at my church, I am their inspiration. My church family has been so supportive, I don't know what I would do without all the hugs and laughs (I would rather laugh about all this than cry). Because of my breast cancer, my older sister finally got her first mammo, as well as my sister in law. Does it really take cancer to get people to check on themselves? I had my first colonscopy at 42 because of stomach pains, and luckily everything was fine. I don't look forward to it again, but we must do what we must do to live. Good Luck to you, the other Terri.

Jean Tjornhom

Terri said...

Good luck to you Jean. It seems it does take someone getting cancer to worry someone enough to get their "checkups." A lot of people have told me they are getting theirs because of me. So that's good. Since you have breast cancer, you might want to check out the link on my blog to Cancer Bitch. She also has breast cancer and is blogging about it. She talks about her cancer/reads her blog on our local NPR station (chicago). Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Terri...I'm reading your blog...this is your cuz from Houston via OKC. It's nice being able to keep up with what's going on and your writing is superb!! I'm so relived that things are going well for you and you have such a great spirit.