Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No. 7 slammed me

I don't know what was different, but this seventh treatment (who says seven is lucky) has worn me out. By Sunday at noon (Sundays are usually good days), I was flat on my back, napping most of the day. When I did get up, I felt like I was walking through water. I could barely move. I did my laundry, but it was tough. I even forgot the towels, which I never do. Bob took care of those the next day.

We had a guest over the weekend, but he was a delight, no trouble. (Bob took him out touring, so I actually had more time to myself than I would have). He left some lovely gifts for us, in addition to paying for our dinner and appetizers the night before. He left Bob some expensive single malt scotch and me some See's Candy. Oh man, that candy is good and it hits the spot. About the only things I can taste are sweet. I already couldn't taste very well before treatment no. 7, but now I can't taste at all. Bob made me a baked potato and steak last night, but I couldn't eat either. Even the potato, which normally tastes good to me. So the candy and some watermelon are my salvations.

So for my co-workers (and husband), if I'm acting like I'm under water, I am.

But this too shall pass. I will surface and take air.

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Catnap40 said...

I am interested in your treatment. I was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. Fortunately, my tumor was not as large as yours and I had chemo and radiation first, then surgery, then more chemo. It sounds like, from the description of your symptoms that you are getting some of the same stuff as me, during my second (post surgery) round. Which would make sense.
My experience is that each session gets a little worse, but aside from fatigue it is never too bad. I managed to work the entire time (I am an editor too).
I have my one-year anniversary colonoscopy coming up this week. My biggest challenge now is that I started packing on the pounds once food started tasting good again. The oncologist told me, that in his opinion, if they cured me of cancer and I died of a heart attack, that would be pretty stupid. I have to agree.
I found your site via Flickerdays. T and her mom were our friends when we all lived in N.C.
I am at catnap40.blogspot.com.