Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Live it up...sort of

Thanks to Leroy (see below), I have a new philosophy on life. I've decided people should live as if they have four and a half more years of life. I don't believe in "living like this is your last day" because you would do some pretty terrible stuff. Like spend a lot of money or eat a gallon of Breyer's chocolate mint ice cream (after a dozen hot wings). No, living like you have one more day is not safe.

I also don't think you should give yourself just one more year either (as my sister suggested). Because again, it's likely you would do something radical. Like quit your job and live on your savings. Then if you live for forty or fifty more years, you'd need to find another job and save up the money you just spent.

And I don't think you should give yourself five more years because that number is so banal. It doesn't feel real. It seems ignorable. "I've got five more years to live" doesn't move you like saying you have four years and six months more to spend your days on this earth. Six or seven or ten years is too long. You might remain inert (until you only had four and a half more years).

With four and a half more years (or three and a half if that moves you more), you probably wouldn't quit your job or spend all your money because you still have a ways to go. But you might travel more. Or go out with friends more. You might paint your walls bright colors (or better, pay someone to do it). You could give yourself a break and do nothing. Just stay home and read or watch a movie. You might treat people better. Call your Mom more, tell your partner you love him or her. Take your dog for a walk.

Maybe we should try it. See what happens.

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Terri Mork Speirs said...

Dear Terri, Thanks for this lovely dispatch. I think you are spot on. My writing lately has been much, much more meaningless. But this is very nice. I hope you are well. Take care, the other Terri