Saturday, June 16, 2007

I made my oncologist chuckle

Praise the Lord. I knew I could. It wasn't a belly laugh, but it was something. I told him about the book by Dr. Poo, "What's your Poo Telling You," and he had read about it in the Tribune and laughed. I told him I'd need to buy him and my surgeon a copy. Both of whom have some interest in poop, obviously. Dr. Micetich (hard to pronounce) told me there might be some truth in the book. It was written by a doctor, after all.

For example, Dr. Poo explains "Soft Serve." Synonyms: Jabba the Poo, Play Doo, Cow Pattie, Septic Seepage.

He says soft serve is: "More dense than diarrhea but softer than normal poo, this solid, yet amorphous turd comes out in one, smooth, steady flowing motion. Its easy exit may make you feel like the stool will take a liquid form, but you are pleasantly surprised to see its more cohesive consistency when you are done."

Now who wouldn't want a book like that??? Buy one for yourself and as a gift. Heck, buy one for me!

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