Thursday, August 8, 2013

The List

I'm a bad girl. Ok, enough of that. Since my last post I have:

  • survived my second ankle operation,
  • made it through another Chicago winter,
  • visited my mom and dad in their retirement community in Florida,
  • gone to Indianapolis for an ACP convention,
  • led a workshop in Washington, D.C., on social media,
  • bought a condo in Oak Park,
  • gone to Portland, Oregon, where I was able to buy a few books at Powell's City of Books,
  • kept my job,
  • found a renter for the condo (praise the lord),
  • planted tomatoes and sunflowers,
  • failed to pick the first tomato, dammit, because they are horrible this year,
  • pumped up my bike tires,
  • never ridden my bike,
  • gotten hooked on Orange is the New Black,
  • had my hair cut at least 11 times, but probably 13 (I could count, but really?),
  • stayed alive.
I think it might be easier to keep up on the blogging, but maybe not.  So, now you know, I'm still alive, living a life like most of you, surviving the commute, eating well, fighting menopause (and losing), getting older but not a lot grayer. And that's something, I guess.

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