Friday, March 16, 2012

Yippee ya yay!

I'm cured. I had my final meeting with my oncologist this morning. He released me. But not before he showed me all the slides in my CT scan. I saw my lungs, my liver, my spleen, my stomach, my uterus (yep, still there), my bladder, and, of course, my colon.

He apparently had a little time because he stayed with me longer than usual. No students were following him around as they usually do, poking on my stomach. ("Is there a baby in there?" Kate said I should ask when he got a look at the increasing size of my belly.) I'm going to have to work on that; the number on the scales was scary. But that's for later.

So I have been let go. No more CT scans, and only routine colonoscopies. My next is scheduled for 2016. Now maybe I can start putting the money I put in my health flexible spending account each year into my 401K. I'll be rich! And hopefully (if I don't go out and buy a Vespa) I'll be around to spend it.

We got a call from a nurse after my CT scan last week telling me everything was clear. So it was no surprise. Bob posted this sweet note on Facebook:

Very quietly and very calmly the message came in telling the result of Terri Lackey's five-year CT scan: "Hi Ms. Lackey this is L___ calling from Doctor M______'s office and he wanted me to give you a call to let you know that your cat scan was good. If you have any more questions feel free to give us a call back. They call that a statistical cure from colon cancer. I just call it divine.

My stoic doctor, not one to show emotion, gave me a congratulatory handshake, and then cupped his other hand over mine. I'm sure it's a relief for him to see a patient walk out of his office for the last time, rather than going out in a hearse.

For those of you suffering with this disease, I offer prayers you have the same outcome as me.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! A few months ago I took a few hours and read your blog from beginning to end. You are a very good writer, and I am so, so glad that your story has turned out the way it has.

Wishing you continued health, and I hope you keep writing, either here or on another blog?

Your neighbor in Chicago,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news!

I am leaving you this comment because I'm not sure there's another way to reach you. I am an editor at Health Monitor Network in Paramus, NJ ( and I am at work on our Guide to Chemotherapy.

I'm writing to see if you'd be willing to offer a tip for people about to start chemo, or who have just begun it. I would use your first name only along with the tip. So far, I have tips regarding finding a therapist to talk to, walking after chemo appointments and accepting help from friends. If you have something you'd like to offer, I would be so grateful!

Or I could use a more general quote to be included in an intro piece to the guide. Your thoughts about starting chemo? What was your mindset then? Your goals?

Thanks so much for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you and happy to provide more info and a PDF of our last issue.

Kathleen Engel

Dimple said...

Here is a note you might find useful. its a followup of another article whose link is mentioned at the bottom of the note

Val said...

Wow, what great news! I just clicked over here on a whim & was happy to see a new post w/even better news...

I myself will go for my yearly scans in June, trying a few new health-related tips; I will be anxious to see if they have made any difference in my bloodwork...

Chaotic Serenity said...

I came across your blog and have read most of it. I think you are a wonderful writer and I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story. My friend just recently passed away from breast and lung cancer.
There is a new leukemia treatment used that sounds amazing. The hope is to extend it to other cancers too. You can read more on

sagharborgifts said...

CONGRATULATION TO YOU!!! Yes, I am shouting! What wonderful news, and I don't evenknow you, but I think having colon cancer makes us friends!
I started blogging on wordpress about it too, when I was about a year in, I think. I'm 2 1/2 years in now.

DollyDawdle said...

This is great news. I am waiting to hear the results of my partner's colonoscopy and I'm really anxious :(