Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm a damn lemon

The truth is, if I were a vehicle, I'd qualify as a lemon under any state's Lemon Law. I'm just plain old put together wrong. Most recently, I've had an ankle repaired. Hope it works, I'm still hobbling around on one crutch. I can now stand up to take a shower, and that's cause for celebration. But I have the other ankle to do. And if I had three ankles, or four or five, I'd probably have to get them all worked on.

The reason is: I was the best damn rebounder on my junior high basketball team. I couldn't shoot. I couldn't dribble. But I could rebound. And frequently, when I came down on those ankles, I'd sprain one, then the other, and again and again. Remember those Chuck Taylor high tops. They didn't offer much by way of (I want to say insulation here, what's the right word?), oh support.

I can remember, in my 40s or so, when I was asked to rate how healthy I was, I'd give myself five stars. Before age 40, I'd never even been in a hospital (except to be born). Even today, when asked that question on medical forms: How would you rate your health?, I have a hard time giving myself a score lower than four stars. True, I'm put together badly. Colon cancer, fibroids, bad ankles, shoulders, etc. But still, despite some of the crotchety pain I feel, I think I'm healthy.

Am I delusional? What does it matter. Delusional people ignore the real world, what's really happening. And that's probably what I need right now as concerns my body parts.

Anyway, I just wanted to post something quickly cause I put a new graphic on my blog. Top left corner. That's a cowgirl. Thanks to William Brown for letting me use it. He has some cool illustrations on his Web site. Take a look.

On a happy note, next April I will meet my five year mark of no recurring cancer. I'm knocking on wood right now. And you keep your fingers crossed. I'm afraid if I cross mine, they'll stick.


alternative cancer treatments said...

Dont worry. Sometimes unexpected things do happen. Btw, the graphic posted in the lest is cool. I like it. :)

willg said...

Well, just be glad you don't live in PA, the Pennsylvania Lemon Law system is seriously confusing.

Betsey in Chicago said...

I really love the way you write. I started at the beginning and read the entire thing. Even though the subject matter was very serious, I laughed several times -- you are very talented. I also applaud your honesty and your courageous attitude.

I found your blog while I was researching colon cancer. A friend of mine has finished treatment and is doing well. I am going to steer her to your blog, and I hope you keep writing! Best wishes to you.

Alternative cancer treatment said...
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djmax12 said...
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