Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's official

I am deformed. The way I stand and walk indicates it, but the X-rays confirm it. I have a deformity of the tibia, at the ankle, rare to North Americans, but more common in Asians. (Mom, is there something you haven't told me?)

I do like India a lot. And I love Indian food. And I love Chinese food. And Thai food. Hey. Hey!?

So, my ankle doc (among the best in Chicago and that would be confirmed by the fact that I had an 11:20 appointment today and saw him for 2.5 minutes at about 2) says I'm deformed, and, on top of that, I have arthritis. To fix my deformity, he would need to lift up my ankles on the outsides with a piece of bone from my hip. He's done it a lot; it's called valgus distal tibial osteotomy, but all I can find on the Web about it is written in doctor speak. And that is not my language.

Anybody ever heard of it? Had it? Want to share about it?

Really, this only confirms that my body parts are nothing more than a warped jigsaw puzzle. (See the post about Mr. Potato Head.) Now if I were older, my treatment would be a snap. Fuse the ankles; walk like a Penguin. But heck, I walk like a Penguin now. Ask Bob. My adoring husband who frequently makes fun of my walk (OK, and I his, but what's his excuse?). Now he will need to find a politically correct name for duck-like walk.

Because it's official. I'm deformed. And you can't call anything by it's real name.

(And the good news: my CEA levels are still normal. Not so sure about my DNA, though.)


rj said...

Hey Sis, Sorry I got the all the good genes...I'll ask my PT buddies about the surgery.
I think your penguin walk is cute but, if the procedure would relieve your pain, we could adjust to a new swagger...

Whidbey Woman said...

I haven't read your blog in quite some time. I am glad that you've been doing so well. I hope things continue as such. My hubsand has had a tough time with his cancer. But he's a fighter! Happy New Year!

Whidbey Woman said...

Hey, Terry- Thanks for visiting my blog. I just wanted to add that we belong to the ELCA, so I read Lutheran Woman Today :)
We have a great church family. They are giving us a lot of support. God bless!

Abbey said...

I have a cancer resource suggestion for your blog...please email me at aohara@maacenter.org. Thank you!

Marika said...

Aloha! I have a good resource for you, too, but your email isn't posted. I'd love to talk to you about guest-blogging for our cancer-related site, as well. Email me if you're interested! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey friend,

Just got around to reading your latest blog. Shirley is working with me today, and we both think that having that surgery would be our last resort, before being in a wheelchair. You'd have a messed up hip and feet...When my mom had her last back surgery, they took some bone from her hip, and that ended up giving her more trouble than having 2 steel rods and fused discs in her back! Please take care and keep us posted! We still miss you around here girl !! blessings, janet