Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm famous with the Asbestos people

I don't know who or what Asbestos News is, but I'm very proud to be mentioned on their site as one of the top 50 cancer blogs. I wouldn't have known if Dennis, who commented on the previous post hadn't told me. I'm number 10, not a prime number, which I would prefer, but I guess it's a better position than number 11 (or anything after that).

Ironic too because I haven't posted much lately. I hate to just talk and talk without anything to say. I know too many people who do that (and I won't name names, but you probably have some ideas).

I can tell you a couple of things, one related to cancer and the other not.

I had my blood tested earlier this month and my CEA levels are great! (According to my doctor; don't look on the Web to figure out if your CEA levels are good because if you punch your numbers and CEA levels into a search engine, the news may be frightening. The acceptable levels are so different for different types of cancer. I'm just trusting my doc. So far, he's done right by me.)

The other thing is: I'm desperate for a hair cut. I like my hair nice and short. It's so thick that it takes forever to dry, so short hair is best for me. Plus, I acquired a new curl after chemo. One asymmetrical curl--only on one side of my head. So I need short, short, short hair (even with my ears). Whenever I see women with short hair, I think, "Don't they look so cute." Long hair after 40 is out anyway, according to fashion designer Carolina Herrera. If I grew my hair out, I would look a little like a bowling ball. Which has its advantages if you're attracted to bowlers.

Didn't I promise not to ramble? Heavens.


Catnap40 said...

congratulations! I saw that Tonya's blog Flicker Days is on there too. I guess I don't write too much about cancer anymore and I started the blog just to keep in touch with friends. Once cancer came along, that's all we talked about. Now, it's just pix of the kid and news of the family...The whole reason we fight cancer in the first place.

Terri said...

I didn't know Tonya still posted. I love your blog; it's so much fun. I'm not sure who the asbestos people are anyway.

Catnap40 said...

No, Tonya hasn't posted in more than a year. I talk to her occasionally. Sometimes I threaten to visit, just to scare her.